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Secret Message 3D Letter Pendant Necklace

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"I <3 U"

Expertly constructed to be a personal statement of luxury, the I <3 U necklace says 'I Love You' in a unique and creative way. This romantic 14k gold 'I HEART U' I-beam necklace will certain quietly whisper those magic words whenever the hidden message is revealed.


Elegant and refined. A heartwarming and thoughtful way to declare your love to your special someone. Made of  luxurious sterling silver and 14k gold, this 'LOVE' pendant necklace will captivate the wearer with its artisan radiance. Profess your love with this bold statement of eternal love.



Warm heartedly handcrafted with the utmost affectionate precision. The mechanical beauty of the <3 Beam glistens through with perfect, sculptured lines in sterling silver or gold.

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Secret Message 3D Letter Pendant Necklace