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RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum - Lash Boost for Rapid Lashes

Revitalash is an outstanding and ingenious eyelash growth serum that boosts lash growth and protects them from fracturing while improving their overall strength. In fact, rapid lashes start growing naturally and are long-lasting.

Irina's Revitalash Review:

This lash serum has won a number of awards due to its unique combination of cutting-edge technology. Panthenol-rich peptides, lipids, biotin and green tea lubricate and strengthen eyelashes, thus protecting your lashes from damage due to mascara and other eyelash products.

Botanical nutrients and peptides in Revitalash are continuously released, making it a lash growth serum that revitalizes eyelash beauty and increases their flexibility, strength, and glistening. The eylash growth serum protects them from everyday damaging agents. Your rapid lashes grow thick and full. Due to the serum's viscosity, it does not smudge and stays on the lashes, and the cosmetic antibacterial system allows multiple uses of the applicator.
To apply, start by washing your face and hands with water and soap. Dry your face and eyes thoroughly before applying. Either in the morning or night, place fine lines of the lash growth serum and let it dry on he skin. You can cover your lashes with one brush stroke. Before using your daily facial products make sure the lash boost serum has dried.


Our Test:

It works! I did have to use it faithfully for weeks, but oh how thick and long my boosted lashes looked! Fragile and short lashes have always been a pain for me. Revitalash's rapid lash growth serum actually helped them become noticeably longer. As the eyelash growth cycle progresses, it takes some weeks to notice the difference. The eyelashes do get so long, so if you use mascara, like me, you're sure tol see the biggest difference on the outer corners of your lashes!

Revitalash is an expensive eyelash growth serum and it doesn't seem to work if you use it occasionally, so make sure you have the patience to wait before buying. After applying this for 8 weeks, the lash boost results were fantastic. Use only a small amount before going to bed. Otherwise, if it gets into the eye, it may burn slightly, but it is not serious and there is no redness in the eye. For the longest time, I have adored eyelash extensions, but Revitalash produced similar results which were more durable and REAL!

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum - Lash Boost for Rapid Lashes