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PMD Personal Microderm Classic - Get PMD Beauty with Facial Microdermabrasion

PMD Beauty's Personal Microderm Classic helps women reveal their most vibrant facial skin through a simple series of treatments. PMD loves to guide women on their way to healthy and soft skin.

Melea's PMD Microderm Review: 

 The PMD Personal Microderm simulates expert treatments using the same alumina crystals on a patented rotating disk. The handset gently pulls the skin towards the disc using a vacuum motion for the best microdermabrasion. By removing dead skin cells and revealing a clean, healthy skin tone, your skin can absorb makeup much more efficiently.

 PMD Beauty's innovative system includes several levels of exfoliating discs for easy and adjustable strength. With this device, women of all skin types can revitalize and build confidence in their skin. PMD Personal Microderm cleans pores, removes dead skin and reduces wrinkles. DVD with instructions and Hand and Body Kit included.

Our Test:

I was a complete stranger to microdermabrasion facials until this device from PMD beauty transformed my skin! I got mine at Ulta's Christmas sale, but I was so nervous that I didn't use it for weeks. When my sister first told me about the PMD personal facial microderm tool, I saw and read tutorials. Some of them are very good, others showed cheek-burns.

So when I finally started using it, unnecessary fear arose. It's very easy to use and not threatening at all. I started with the little white training pad and applied it to the base of my wrist first to test and feel it. You need to pull the skin slightly away from the tool. After the facial, your skin will be slightly blushed, but it will not last long. The skin is noticeably smooth even after first use! I used it in the morning and wait an hour before applying makeup, but I definitely see the positive difference it has made to my makeup application!

My makeup looks more perfect and my skin looks lighter and healthier. I now do my microdermabrasion facial with the little gray disk. It's still very comfortable and cleans my skin really well! Now I use it once a week and have done so for several months with my skin feeling smooth all week. 

PMD Personal Microderm Classic - Get PMD Beauty with Facial Microderma