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Family Deals Mirror Gorgeous Large handmade Full length Rustic Reclaimed Wood Floor Mirror

Gorgeous Full length Reclaimed Wood Floor Mirror

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This is a truly gorgeous, full-length rustic floor mirror. It enhances the atmosphere in any room with warmth and beauty.  Each mirror is a truly bespoke luxurious piece of furniture.

Handcrafted from rustic reclaimed barn beams and rare solid driftwood planks with detailed wooden features.

Has a chunky 12-16cm wide x 5cm thick solid frame and measures approx 175cm high x 83cm across (slightly varies with length of beams reclaimed).

Expertly finished with top of the range wood sealant for an easy to clean surface and eternal wood protection.

Every one of our handmade mirrors is unique. Each pays homage to rustic artistry, and has its own special character.

Mirrors are individually made to order from harvested driftwood and barn beams in 10 days from our workshop.

Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

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Gorgeous Full length Reclaimed Wood Floor Mirror