Giant Angel Wings Inflatable Pool Float - White or Gold

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Spread your wings and float in luxurious relaxation. 

This heavenly angel wings float is handmade to the smallest detail to ensure that it provides the most comfortable back support. You can literally  lounge on it all day and feel refreshed when you get up. Experience summer holidays like they were meant to feel.

No other float has had so much time spent to guarantee comfort. The cozy unique cloud-shaped headrest and gentle wings that rise out of the water ensure that your body is enveloped. This enhances the rhythmic and soothing caresses of soft water waves on your back.  Designed with no every effort to offer only the best quality, the construction materials are second to none.

Inflates easily and rapidly in 3 minutes with the companion float pump that's specially designed for optimum inflation.

Measures 250cm x 240cm

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Giant Angel Wings Inflatable Pool Float - White or Gold